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Skills Development Scotland is running an exciting series of webinars for employers, taking place over the next few months. The webinars will provide useful information and advice on topics such as workforce planning and development, talent attraction, workplace culture and wellbeing. Each webinar will be available on demand from the SDS website once the date has passed. Find out more following each link below:

  • Available on demand – Learn, Lead Succeed: The Business Owner‘s Guide to Creating a Learning Culture. This webinar is full of practical tips to help you make learning a key part of your business. We show you why creating a learning culture is vital for small business success in the current climate. This is followed by a Q and A session with our host, business psychologist Julie Begbie.
  • 6 February, 11am – Supervisors‘ Success Formula: Motivating Teams with Recognition and Reward. Money is not always the answer when it comes to motivating your team. Discover practical ways for supervisors to boost team morale, keep team members, and improve their performance that won’t cost you a penny. You can also get personalised advice in the Q&A session to help with your specific needs.
  • 14 February, 11am – Talent Attraction. Join our talent attraction webinar and start thinking about recruitment from a skills perspective. Find out what makes you stand out as an employer, how to engage with your talent pipeline, and hear about some innovative approaches to recruitment.
  • 20 February, 11am – Wellbeing at Work: Key Management Skills for a Thriving Workforce. Find out why taking care of your employees’ happiness is essential in a competitive job market and discover seven practical ways small businesses can boost employee wellbeing, which is linked to business success. You can also get personalised advice in the Q&A session to help with your specific needs.
  • 6 March, 12.30pm – Succession Planning. Modern succession plans have a much broader vision and the people within your team are key to ensuring effective outcomes for you and your business so that you can achieve a comprehensive strategy. Andrew Dearie and Nicola McCormack from the Skills For Growth Team at SDS will be hosting this webinar where we will talk to business leaders about their experiences of succession planning and the approaches they have taken.
  • 12 March, 11am – Joyful Workspaces: Mastering Skills for Cultivating Workplace Happiness. Explore success stories of companies that have thrived by prioritising employee happiness and gain practical tips on how to make your own workplace a happier and more productive environment.
  • 20 March, 12.30pm – Skills for a Changing Landscape. Join Skills for a Changing Landscape webinar where you will hear about how digital skills can help transform your business. 
  • 27 March, 11am – Workforce Development. In this final webinar of this series, industry experts will explore the benefits of workforce development through skill enhancement and showcase real-life business examples to demonstrate success. In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, cultivating, and refining essential skills is pivotal for career growth and adaptability. Join us as we delve into the importance of upskilling, reskilling, and continuous learning to empower individuals and organisations to thrive in the dynamic world of work. 

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